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Places to visit and tourism in Ahmedabad

  • Ahmedabad History
  • Julta minara
  • Jama Masjid
  • Bhadra Fort
  • Kankaria Lake
  • Rani rupmati masjid
  • Gandhi Ashram
  • Jain Mandir
  • Nal Sarovar
  • Adalaj ki Wav
  • Science city

Ahmedabad is a historical and modern city, built by Sultan Ahmed Shah on the banks of the Sabarmati River. Historical and ancient importance buildings can be seen by the Hindu Muslims with the Mughal tombs and the unique heritage of cultural heritage. Ahmedabad is currently one of the largest industrial cities in the country, due to textile mills, it is also called East of Manchester. If you are going to roam the city of Gujarat then you are ready to face the atmosphere of pollution and noise. Ahmedabad attracts tourists due to Mahatma Gandhi’s Gandhi Ashram and Salt Law, which is also the leader of the freedom movement.

Ahmedabad tourism

1. Julta Minara

Hanging tower of the Siddhi rain, Muslim architecture is just a wonderful example of art. The specialty of the minarets looking at it is that when one gets pressured, one starts moving on its own. It was constructed by Mallik Sarang Sa, the land of the minarets has no migration anywhere in the country.

2. Jama Masjid

It was built by Ahmed Shah in the middle of the city, in the mosque there are 206 and 15 villages. It is counted in the most beautiful mosques of the country. On the walls of the mosque, beautiful scenes of Hindu architecture are seen. This mosque is made of yellow sandstone.

3. Bhadra Fort

It was also built by Ahmad Shah. This fort is a beautiful model of architecture, it has a beautiful gate in front of the three doors. The Marathas used to use the name of the temple of Bhadrakali by conquering this and used to see the programs in Sultan city.

4. Kankaria Lake

This lake is the most beautiful lake of Ahmedabad. This lake was built by Sultan Qutubuddin, in the middle of the lake there is a palace and a garden called Nagina Bari. This lake is the most beautiful place for a picnic. Around the lake is the Vatika, zoo, aquarium and a very beautiful place to attract. This place is the most beautiful place for children’s picnics. There is a beautiful garden near the lake.

5. Rani rupmati masjid

Ahmedabad travel and tourism

This mosque was built for Sultan’s Hindu wife Rupatmi. This mosque is very beautiful and worth seeing in terms of architecture. 3 holes and 12 pillars rests on. The light is seen when standing inside the middle of the mosque. Even when there is no ray of the sun reaching the light, it still appears.

6. Gandhi Ashram

Mahatma Gandhi established the banks of the Sabarmati River, 7 kilometers away from the city. This place has been the center of freedom movement for many years. Mahatma Gandhi started this journey from Dandi here. Here Gandhi Smriti and the sound program is worth watching.

7. Jain Mandir

Is an artistic temple. White color is made from marble. Which was built by a wealthy business from Ahmedabad. There are small shrines around the temple courtyard, and this temple is artistic. This temple is worth seeing.

8. Nal Sarovar

This site is for bird lover tourists. There are different types of birds that appear here, around 50 kilometers south of the city, there is a small island in this lake. Migrants come from far and off, this lake is the best place for tourists in Ahmedabad.

9. Adalaj ki Wav

Adalaj’s Wave is 15 km away from Ahmedabad. It is known from ancient times that it was made to collect water there. Adalaj’s breath means that the sidi well has been made to descend into it. There is good work on the divas in this air. It is worth seeing. These people come from outer country too. Adalaj’s Wave is in Adalaj in Ahmedabad.

10. Science city

Ahmedabad tourist guide

Science City is located 6 kilometers away from Ahmedabad, Science City has different types of scientific experiments. Science City is a special attraction for children, there is a scientific experiment made by students and modern system is also the use of modern agriculture in Science City. How to do modern agriculture is the special information.

How to reach Ahmedabad

By Flight

There are regular flights from other major cities of the country to Ahmedabad.

Airport: Ahmedabad Airport (AMD)

By Train

Ahmedabad is well connected to other major cities of the country through regular railways.

Ahmedabad Junction (ADI), Sabarmati Junction (SBI), Sabarmati Junction (SBT), Asarwa Junction (ASV), Naroda (NRD), Gherpur (GER), Chandlodiya (CLDY), Railway Station Ambli Road (ABD), Vita )

By Bus

You can easily get regular buses in Ahmedabad from other major cities of the country.

Bus station: Ahmedabad

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