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Kerala Tourism

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Tourist places to visit in Kerala

Kerala Tourism : When India became independent of Kerala, two different princely states, Travancore and Cochin were merged with the 1st July, 1949 to form the state of Travancore, Cochin.

But Malabar remained part of the Chennai Prefecture. Under the scheme of reorganization of states, the union of Travancore Cochin and Malabar was made to the state of Kerala on November 1, 1956.

The Arabian Sea in the west of Kerala, Karnataka in the northeast, Tamilnadu in the east and Indian Ocean in the south. Its coastline is 590 km It is tall. There are several small rivers flowing west towards the state. Three rivers flow in the east direction.

Kerala Tourism

74% of the area is cultivated in the area and 50% of the people depend on agriculture. Facilities of irrigation are available on about 15 percent of the total agricultural sector. Kerala is the main producer of crops like coconut, rabi, betel nut, cardamom, sugarcane, cashew, tea, ginger, black pepper is the main crop of rice and capsules in the area. Kerala is a very sea state with a view of forest wealth. Here is the chilled forest. Woods of teak, blackwood, ebony, siftwood and rosewood are obtained from forests.

‘Onam’ is a special festival of Kerala. Here the festival is harvested in harvesting season. Onam festival is celebrated in the joy of King Mahabali’s return. Other festivals include Vishu, Navaratri Mahashivaratri, Ballamkali (Yacht Race), Puram etc. are notable. Every year on the banks of the Pamba river there is the ‘Maramon Conference’, which is the biggest event of Christians in Asia.

1. Trivandrum Padmanabhaswamy kerala

trivandrum padmanabhaswamy kerala

This city is situated between the unique shade of natural beauty. Here, the conflict between the old and the new things is clear. On the one hand, part of modernity is the race; on the other hand, in contrast to the dazzling life-style of Vishnu and Sri Padamaswamy, slow, peaceful and kind of conduct will definitely give new life and renewal to the Keralites, and then to run again with new dawn Provides power. Nagraj has been shadowed by the eternal fate on the temple of Shri Padamnam Swami on the torch of the image. Lord Shree Padamnam Swami’s Shri Phages and Mata Lakshmi Batti.

2. Botanikal Garden kerala

Kerala Tourismbotanikal garden kerala

Together with many zoos it is a special zoo of Asia. In the Bot Nichol Garden, the Surat Garden is a great place to watch. And Bot nickel garden is spread over 22 hectares. Gardens are considered very popular for nature lovers.

3. Dacha mahal kerala

In the 17th century it was decorated by the Dutch as a gift to the king of Cochin, hence the name was the Dutch palace, on various graffiti, various stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata were painted with skill.

4. Chitralaya kerala

kerala tourism placeschitralaya kerala

This chitralaya has a collection of priceless paintings, the works of Ravi Verma and Mikele Roerich give ultimate joy to the devotees.

5. Museum Kerala

It is famous for handicrafts, bronze sculptures, decorations, and it is Napier Museum.

6. kaudiya mahal kerala

It is a great example of an architectural style. It is necessary to seek permission from the private secretary to see it.

7. kochi kerala

kochi kerala

This city is an unique example of religious co-ordination, here people of all religions live with mutual love. Religious sounds resonant in Jewish halls, mosques and Hindu temples in this oldest city of India. It has been a business area since historical times. All the business here is on the ports.

8. yahudi mandir keral

Kerala Tourismयहूदी मंदिर जूस सिनागाग(yahudi mandir keral)

Built in 1568 AD, it was again restored by the Dutch in 1662. Even today, this is a mess. This can be seen as a souvenir of the past.

9. vallarpadam kerala

Kerala Tourism

This island is known for Saint Mary’s Church. Nearby is the Goddess Bhagwati, the great, the Greg, etc. is also visible.

Coaching can also be done from railroad, busway, and waterways.

10. Saint francis church kerala

The Catholic Church was built in 1510 by the Portuguese, and the historical Portuguese religion fidelity can be judged by its observation.

11. vanya jeev periyar abhyaran kerala

Kerala Tourismवन्यजीव पेरियार अभयारण्य(vanya jeev periyar abhyaran kerala)

This shelter of water, grazing and caterpillars, spreading their collected state on the banks of the Lake Peshari, Sanctuary on the old names Niyamampar, present moist pacier wildlife, living in dense green forest near the lake and watching them in their natural surroundings. It has to be crossed, for which the launch, boat, etc. are arranged here. The journey here can be done anytime. But in the summer season, the fun of touring the sanctuary is something else because if the sanctuary is located along the lake, then the wildlife is out of order to extinguish thirst and get rid of heat by swimming in the lake water, and its philosophy is easily done.

The sight of cheetahs, tigers, deer, pigs, bamboo buffalo, gaval etc. is found here while roaming in their beautiful form. Therefore, caution is also necessary. The colorful herds of unknown birds are visible on the water side.

12. Cranganore kerala

kerala beautiful placesKerala Tourism

Its initial name was Christian, which was later changed to Kargoner. Due to being a business place from the beginning, many foreign powers here established their colonies. Then there was the capital of King Charman. The temple of Thiruvanavikulam and Devi is special in comparison to other temples. Due to living colonized land, foreign religious souvenirs can also be seen here, in which the fort of Portuguese, founded by followers of Muhammad Hazrat, is the main mosque. Along with this place, there is also a wealth of natural resources which attracts the mind of the devotees.

13. Calicut kerala

Kerala Tourism

Its initial name was Kali Kar, which was later changed to Kommi Code or Calicut. It was here that Vaskodigama arrived on May 20, 1498, and in 1515, the Portuguese established the factory in the name of agreement with the Zamorin kings. then an agreement happened in 1792 AD. with Tipu Sultan, the result was that British was captured by Kommikode i.e. Calicut. There are many scenic ancient temples, girajas and mosques here.

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