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Lord Buddha (story)history

Lord buddha

Lord Buddha additionally called Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha or just Gautama Siddhartha, once the title of Buddha, was associate degree ascetic and sage, on whose teachings Buddhism was based.he’s believed to own lived and educated largely within the Japanese a part of the ancient Republic of India someday between the sixth and fourth centuries BCE.

Gautama educated a Middle approach between sensual indulgence and also the severe asceticism found within the śramaṇa movement common in this region. He later educated throughout alternative regions of the Japanese Republic of India like Magadha and Kosala.

Gautama is that the primary figure in Buddhism. he’s recognized by Buddhists as associate degree enlightened teacher United Nations agency earned full Buddhahood, and shared his insights to assist sentient beings to finish rebirth and suffering.



Accounts of his life, discourses, and monastic rules ar believed by Buddhists to own been summarized once his death and memorized by his followers. varied collections of teachings attributed to him were passed down by oral tradition and 1st committed to writing regarding four hundred years later.

Lord Buddha different name

  • Akkrum

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  • Amitav
  • Anami
  • Buddhadeva
  • Chhandak
  • Devarajalu
  • Gautham
  • Padmayani
  • Siddarth
  • Tathagata
  • Trikay

Different temples of Lord Buddha

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Andhra Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh
Jammu and Kashmir
Madhya Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh
West Bengal



Festivals of Lord Buddha

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Buddha Jayanti / Purnima:

Buddha Jayanti or Gautama Buddha Purnima celebrates the birth of aristocrat Siddharta on the total moon night within the month of Vaisakh (April/May). Years later, on a constant day, aristocrat Siddharta earned enlightenment and became Gautama Buddha. Finally, on a constant day, he earned parinibbana. Thus, Buddha Purnima marks not simply the birth however conjointly the death of Lord Buddha.

Pavarana Day:

nowadays marks the top of the vassa or the 3 months Rains Retreat that begins with Asalha Day. The day falls on the total moon day of the eleventh moon and coincides with Oct Nov of the New Style calendar.

Asalha Day:

Asalha or the Dhamma Day celebrates the primary teaching of the mystic that He delivered to a gaggle of 5 friends. The day conjointly marks the start of the 3 months long Rains retreat throughout that monks stay confined to their monasteries and concentrate on their meditation.

Hemis truthful:

Celebrated within the Hemis cloister in Ladkah, the Hemis festival/fair is one in all the foremost illustrious Buddhist events of the country that pulls tourists from each Asian country and abroad in massive numbers. The competition celebrates the birth of Indian sage, Guru Padmasambhava UN agency was additionally to blame for spreading Buddhism in the Asian nation.


Interesting facts about Lord Buddha

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  •  There square measure 3 major tenents that religious mystic tutored his followers that’s to not be ignorant, to not hate others, to not get angry.
  •  Originally he was born as an affluent blue blood and it’s same that he left his aim order to follow the trail of truth that ultimately LED him to drop his birth name Gautama Siddhartha religious mystic.
  • it’s same that he fasted frequently and frequently pay most of his time in walking miles thus he will unfold the philosophy of enlightenment.
  •  it had been foreseen by the saint when his birth that he would later become the king or the saint United Nations agency will bring changes during this world.
  •  the foremost vital Buddha’s teaching techniques embrace nonviolent strategies like word of mouth or carving on the distinguished stone buildings

Interesting facts

  •  it’s calculable that Buddha traveled roughly till the age of eighty and his request to his followers that “All part things during this world square measure changeable. they’re not lasting. work flat out to achieve your own salvation.”
  •  He died in Kushinagar and consistent with the facts, it’s same that he died within the 483BC.Even when his death the traits of the religious mystic that’s his compassion and kindness square measure still followed by the folks around the world.
  • it had been same that once Buddha traveled across completely different regions around the world he visited his son, father, his devoted mate and his foster mother and ultimately his family joined the Sangha that is essentially a Buddhist community.
  •  whereas his ride on the country, he saw four various things that change his life fully that’s associate degree recent man, a corpse, a sick man and ultimately he saw a wandering ascetic. He then finally realized that this is often the fact, what he’s seeing and the zip is permanent within the world.
  •  He was married to Yasodhara and even had as a son named Rahula.


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