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Rajasthan Tourism : Best Tourist Places to Visit

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Rajasthan Places Content

  • Jaisalmer
  • Jodhpur
  • mount abu
  • Udaipur
  • Nathdwara
  • Eklingji
  • Haldighati
  • Chittodgad
  • Sariska
  • Bharatpur
  • Jaipur
  • Pushkartirthrajasthan
  • Kotarajasthan
  • Ajmer

Rajasthan Tourist Places

The land of the King Maharajas holds important place in terms of Rajasthan tourism. This is the desert state of India. It is the seventh state of India in terms of area. In this desert state there are many historical cities like Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, where old fort is still the great and other building.

Rajmahal of Rajasthan clearly shows the ancient Indian building construction art. Men’s costumes, colorful turbans and big mustache are the identities of their heroism, and women’s bright colorful fire is also their identity. The Rajasthani jewelers who have worn their head-to-head have unique identities. Therefore tourism in Rajasthan attracts all this.

Places to see in Rajasthan

1. Jaisalmer

jaisalmer rajasthan

This Raval Jaisal city of Rajasthan was founded in 1156 AD. The name of the name of this name is Jaisalmer, which is a golden desert city.

In the past, Jaisalmer was the main center for export of Middle East India. All the goods of this import export were brought with the help of a desert ship i.e.

The Maya palace of nearby Lodhuba, the Jain temple with Kalpataru tree completing all the work, is spread across a wide area spread over 30 to 25 sq. Km of National Park, where chikara, jackal and many kinds of birds are visible.

The right time to visit this tourist spot, avoiding intense heat, is from October to March.

Jaisalmer’s famous stone attraction attracts tourists wishing to look at the carvings of the past, the patah haveli, Raja’s palace, Nathalji’s mansion, etc..

Built by Jaisalmer Durg, built in the 12th century, Jawahar Vilas Palace built in 1722, later built in 1813 by Mata Mahal and Bariasal built by Maharaja Mulraj, is another major tourist spot located here.

Not only this, Jaisalmer’s handicrafts jewelery glassware is less attractive and attractive. Interesting tourist hotels in Jaisalmer can stay in hotels like Neeraj, Ram Guest House, Hotel Renuka, Hotel Paradeshi, Hotel Taj Palace, Hotel Capital etc. Rail and state transport buses can be reached from Jaisalmer.

2. Jodhpur

jodhpur rajasthan

Rav, the descendant of King Jayachand of Kannauj, laid the foundations of the Danish city. In 1212 AD, King Singh had settled in Marwad with some of his warlords.

The Rathore dynasty of Marwar is celebrated with Rao Singh. 1395 A. I Rao Chuda on his marriage found himself in the form of a dome of durga and made it his capital.

After the death of Rao Chuda, Rao Jodha did not feel proper in terms of safety of Mandor fort. Therefore, with the thought of organizing the entire power of his kingdom, he built a new castle of 9 kms from Mandaur Durg and the city of Jodhpur on his name.

Rav Jodha also constructed a 10 km long wall around the city. There are eight gates for this entrance from different directions in this city. Jodhpur is a historical town. And here many historic buildings are located.

1459 A. I is established by Rao Jodha or the city is a sea city. Jodhpur’s famous water reservoir is for the fort, along with the elephant palace, Raj Prasad, Ganga Shyam Mandir situated on the banks of Gulab Sagar, the temple of Nath sect situated on 83 pillars, and the idol of Vihar is also visible.

Ajay, Meheranagarh fort, built near 1459 AD, has high and high walls all around it has always kept Ajay safe.

Hardy Muslim ruler Aurangzeb was reconstructed in 1678 AD. Today, this huge fort of quantity is a historical book only, the Museum has been opened in the Blue Patria Fort, which introduces the visitors who come here to the glorious history.

In the north, Jaipol, dome, army tape vandana, fateh pole in the west, marks of 15 princes of Raja Manasi, Moti Mahal, 80 kg gold, Raja palace palace are always visible.

3. Mount Abu


It is the principal hill station of Rajasthan, it is the main pilgrimage site of the Hindu and Jains, it is one of the five holy places of Jainism, in ancient times it was named Aburadachal.

Which is now briefly known as Mount Abu. According to legend, Sri Krishna stayed at the place while going to Dwarka, here the Dalwada Jain Temple is the center of tourist attraction.

Five temples have been built at this place. The walls of these temples have been done so well on the pillars and the students, that the eyes of the tourists are open to the open with surprise, the highest peak of Mount Abu is called Guru Shikhar.

Dattatreya Temple is located in a cave here. This mountainous area full of healthful sound is the stronghold of Jain temples. The textures and decorations of the temples are wonderful.

Adinath, Mahavir, Neminath, Paswanath and Rishabh Dev Work Temple are made of opaline. In Vimal Barasa itself, a valuable idol built with five elements of 200 minds at Neminath Varun Shop in Adinath Tejpal is unique.

The Brahmas, the Lord Vishnu, and the Trimurti temple of Lord Shiva, which originated from the creation of the universe on the Guru Shikhar near here. The Achalgarh Aparadevi Sun Set Point is also visible.

4. Udaipur


This city was founded by Maharana Uday Singh in 1569 AD. There are four main doors in the city: Suraj Brahma, Hathi Krishna. Surrounded by greenery surrounded by hillsides, Udaipur is a picturesque town, which is full of beauty by nature.

The town, filled with unique natural beauty in addition to lakes, floods, flowers, corpses, Durga etc., will not be called ‘Venus of East’ and ‘Kashmir of Rajasthan’.

Say this Rana, Maharana Pratap, Meera, Panna Dhay’s earth. Therefore, historians say that if Mewar is removed in Indian history, then an important part of Indian history will come out.

This city is surrounded by the Aravali Mountains. Historians say about this city that Maharaja Uday Singh had established this city to avoid the Mughal attack.

There are many attractions in Udaipur in which the Lake Pichla Lake, Lake Palace, Jagadish temple built by Maharaja Jagat Singh in 1651, Guldalai Park, spreading about 100 acres of Gulab Bagh, located 5 km north of the city, Fateh 8 km from Sagar Lake, Maharana Pratap Memorial and Udaipur Located at a distance of the craft village is the main center of attraction.

Visitors are especially attracted to Monsoon Palace, Lakshmi Vilas, City Palace, Munivas and Lake, Part etc.

5. Nathdwara

nathdwara rajasthan

This shrine is situated on the banks of the river Banas, 48 km from Udaipur. Located at a distance of. In the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu, according to the creation of the universe, the 16th highest number of art, colorful, naughty and grave nature, Lord Krishna, is fulfilled here in the form of Shrinathji. This magnificent statue of black stone was distinguished in 1669 AD. Only Hindus have the right to enter the temple.

6. Eklingji

eklingji rajasthan

Ashutosh is famous in this temple of Lord Shankar, with four faces being Ekalgonji. Made of opaline, this temple was built in 734 AD. Parvati, the half-moon mother of Lord Shiva, has her own temple as a ruthless donor of Kali Mata.

7. Haldighati

haldighati rajasthan

This war zone is closely related to the Rajputs of Rajasthan. This is a historic battleground where Raja’s Anan baan Shan Maharana Pratap had sourced the teeth of powerful Mughal emperor Akbar. However, this battle had to face the defeat of Maharana Pratap.

But in this war, the contribution of Maharana Pratap’s powerful horse Chetak is nothing less. When Rohan Pratap Buri was bleeding like a big army, Chetak ran galloping against the injured rider, without taking care of his life, the trench was obstructed and protected the life of the rider. This historic war was fought on 21 June in 1576.

8. Chittodgad

chittodgad rajasthan

This is also the main tourist destination of Rajasthan state, in ancient times the town used to be the state capital of Chiranga. Chitrakot is whose ancient name. In the long cycle of history, this historic town has been ruled by Maurya, Pratihar, Solanki and later Sisodia dynasty.

Chittorgarh is the same Veerabhoomi which has presented a unique example of bravery, valor, patriotism and sacrifice in front of the entire Indian society which is asynchronous. The particle particle of this heroic land praises the heroism of Rajputs and the blessing of Bhamashah.

This huge and historic fort was built by the Maurya Rajputs in the 70th century on 700 meters of 250 meters high mountain. In time, this grand fort was occupied by Bappa Raval. Udaypur has been capitalized for nearly eight centuries or till after becoming the capital of Mewar, hence, no historical buildings were built here.

The memorable form of victory on Mahmud Shah of Maharana Kumbh, Vijaystha, built in 1448, built Jain Kirti pillar in 14th century, Samidhaveshwar temple built by Maharaja in the 11th century, Satbis Deora built in the 11th century, in which statues of 24 Jain pilgrims are installed And Shyam Temple is an unique example of building art.

9. Kota

kota rajasthan

Kota city was established in 1264, the old fort in Kota city, Ram Maghoo Museum, Government Museum, Kotbag, which is situated on the banks of Chambal river. Traffic and Thane are available.

10. Ajmer

ajmer rajasthan

In the seventh century Ajay Pal Chauhan settled the city of Ajmer, but ruling rulers would continue to change from time to time. 1193 AD Muhammad Ghori, Aurangzeb in 1659, then Scindia has dominated the field of kings and then British rulers

There is enough for visitors to Ajmer. The Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti is celebrated every year in the month of Ramadan.

Featuring Dargah shrine Sidhu mystic Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, which is true minds completely mind purport to pray to you and devotees of huge crowds offerings distributed to be created with two containers used in making biryani Eat 120 and 80 tons of rice in one go.

Sultan love playing live to drink the mausoleum Jumma mosque, dye day hut, Taragarh Mountain, Museum, Red Rock Jain temple, built by Prithviraj Chauhan, the main center of attraction for the artificial lake etc.

11. Pushkar  Tirth

This is the principal Hindu pilgrimage site of the state of Rajasthan. Pushkar is the place of reverence all over India. according to a story from the Brahmaji Puranic Indu book, which originated the world, Brahma ji is cursed with his own wife, Savitri, which is not worshiped.

There are several ghats in Pushkar, which have special mention of 15 ghats. Ghats Kajal salvation is endowed with the power of patriotism. The bather receives both of these fruits.

Not only this, devotees with baths receive the journey of four Dhams and the result of bathing only by putting them in place of Pushkar’s thorns. The temple made of opaline is the statue of the lumbar red and four faces of Brahma Dev. Like the opposite hand, Gayatri Devi is sitting and Narada Ganapati, Panchdev is distinguished here.

The temple of Maa Savitri is situated on the Savitri text of the lake. Its characteristic is that here only women can worship. Near this, Mother Santoshi and Gayatri Temple are situated on top of a mountain. Rail carts and buses come from different places.

12. Jaipur

jaipur rajasthan

Jaipur is the place where there is a dry lake lake in the same place or city today. This meadow was covered in three directions by the Aravali mountain range.

Jaipur has been a special attraction for tourists visiting Raman Raman. Sawai King Jai Singh had settled this city on 18 November 1727. The name of the city is named after him in his name.

The planned outline of this town was prepared by a Bengali architect in the court of Maharaja Jai ​​Singh, and on this basis the town was settled. In 1876, the whole city was turned pink to welcome Prince of Wales, since then, Jaipur has been handling its pink yovan.

There is a lot to see for a tourist in Jaipur. There are many forts surrounding Jaipur that were built before the establishment of this town.

Kuntlgarh, Jaigarh, Jantar Mantar and Nahargarh are the main centers of tourist attraction. The castle with 360 windows, air temperature can also be eaten without air-conditioned machines, the city prasad is built in Rajasthani and Mughal architectural styles. Its name is Chandramahal.

Temple of Govind ji, the magician of Jaipur and Jal Mahal. There is a total of 5 stories in this great. The four lakes remain in the lake water. Sisodia Rani’s Bagh, Motyamhal etc. are other major tourist spots.

13. Amber : best Rajasthan Tourism places

The construction of this kingdom was started by Maharaja Mansingh in 1592, which was accomplished by Raja Jai ​​Singh after 7 years. Crossing the double door of this fort, there is the temple of Kali Maa, the goddess of Bengal behind. Raja Jai ​​Singh stopped the painful program on this side.

Wherever it goes, Goddess became angry with her brother. This statue is somewhat different from other black statues. Usually in the statue of the black mother, out of the mouth of the mother, she is wrapped in a ruddy red color which is not in this statue.

Also in other statues, Lord Shankar, lying in the feet of his mother, is not visible in this statue. The grandfather’s unique and gorgeous philosophy explores the romance of the killers. Apart from this, the Diwan-i-Aama-Janana Mahal, Jai Mandir, Yash Mandir, Smriti Pillar, etc. are also specially visible.

Bus services from Jaipur to Brahmin and various states are also available here. Interested in the tourist Palace Hotel, Deluxe Park, Hotel Emperor, Hotel Broadway Vilas, Hotel Sabir Ani, Narayan Niwas Palace, Hotel Nehru Palace, Ramgarh Lodge, Jaipur Hotels etc.

14. Bharatpur

bharatpur rajasthan

The ancient fortress of Bharatpur has turned into a world-class century in modern times. Here a lot of birds and leopards, bears, Nilgai, Chita, Deer are found.

You can see different animals or birds by 6:00 at 8:00. You can also enjoy the boat ride in the lake. The fort was changed in the world century, Ajay was in the past.

In 1730, Raja Surajmal established Bharatpur. In order to win the Bharatpur Fort, the British had to work hard for the whole 4 months, then in 1805 E, they were able to win this Ajay Fort. The fort has two entrances and 6 buses.

15. Alwar

alwar rajasthan

This city was built by 1775 Maharaja Rao Pratap Singh. The main attraction here is City Palace, which has now been converted into a museum.

Atstrakara the arms of the great emperors have been kept safe. There were huge stables of elephants, none of them were 400 or 3,000 men. Here is the best system of the police station.

16. Sariska

Rajasthan Tourism

This civic skill has received Tiger Reserve status in 1979. The car is the best way to visit under the Aranyana Safari Package Tour at night. Here Sambhar, Nilgai, bears, wild cat and part can be seen. Hence Rajasthan is a very beautiful place to visit.

How to reach Rajasthan

By Rail

To reach Rajasthan, train is a good choice. The entire state has a railway track of 4600 kilometers, which means that it is spread evenly throughout the region. This comprehensive railway network enables the state to easily connect with the rest of the country. However, there are direct links to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

If you want to experience extraordinary leisure travel in the most important tourist destinations in Rajasthan, then you should also see Palace on Wheels, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels and Maharaja Express. These luxury trains offer all inclusive tours of 3 to 7 nights in Rajasthan.

By Air [ Rajasthan Tourism ]

Rajasthan has good connectivity with many cities around the world and has three major airports for domestic / international flights, Jaipur has an airport. 260km away from Jaipur, another international airport is the highest for reaching Rajasthan destinations on the air route in Delhi. Udaipur, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur have domestic airports connected with the major cities of India.

By Road [ Rajasthan Tourism ]

The state is well connected to state and national highways. The snakes are around the state covering 6373 km of which are twenty national highways, the most famous national highway NH 8, which passes through Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Mumbai and many others. Second NAC National Highway NH 11, NH3, NH11B, NH 11A, NH 14, NH 12, NH 65, NH 15, NH 79, NA 76, NH 89, NH 79A, NH 112, NH 90, NH 113, NH 116, and NH 114

Apart from this, for those traveling by bus: In the name of Rajasthan state road transport corporation (RSRTC), the government has provided adequate bus services and has been serving for 49 years. There are more than 5000 buses and 56 depots in the state of which three buses travel to other neighboring states. Rajasthan has some major neighboring states, Haryana, Gujarat, Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

By Car [ Rajasthan Tourism ]

The wonderful landscape of Rajasthan is ready for a road trip to taste. Listed below are the key neighboring states / cities and their distance from Jaipur and Udaipur (which is dependent on which is near).

New Delhi-Jaipur: Distance: 274 km Time: 4 hours

Haryana-Jaipur: Distance 303 km Time 4 hours 36 minutes

Agra-Jaipur: Distance 235 km Time 4 hours 11 minutes

Ahmedabad-Udaipur: Distance 256 km time 3 hours 44 minutes

Vadodara-Udaipur: Distance 355 km time 4 hours 56 minutes

Surat-Udaipur: Distance 50 9 km time 6 hours 58 minutes

Mumbai-Udaipur: Distance 775 km time 10 hours 53 minutes

Hotels in Rajashtan [ Rajasthan Tourism ]

Amber Palace (Amber Castle) East Shahi Niwas, Jaipur

The former residence of the Thakur of Samod Palace, Jaipur Samod (Great Landed) is a hotel today.

Seat of Maharaja of City Palace, Jaipur Jaipur Now a museum Rajasthan hotels

Rambagh Palace, Jaipur- East Shahi Residence, a hotel today.

City Palace, Udaipur, now a museum of Maharana’s seat of Udaipur

Jag Niwas (Lake Palace), Udaipur Shahi Khushi Palace, now a hotel

Jag Mandir Shahi Khushi Palace Shah Jahan used to take shelter with Prince while struggling with his father Jahangir.

Shiv Niwas Palace, Udaipur East Shahi Guest House, now a hotel

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